Zed Celestial Dragons

Will she put everything she knows on the line, for love?

Graduating top of her class in biology, Stacy is desperate to make her father proud. In a bid to secure his unattainable love, she joins his company: experimenting on extra-terrestrials.

But her father isn’t about to let her go poking about in his affairs and assigns her a specimen he thinks will keep her out of the way.

Zed is a dragon-shifter and miserably detained by humans after he sought refuge on their planet. A new researcher has just been assigned to him. One that actually seems to care.

As Stacy and Zed transcend the bond between researcher and experiment, forces around them spiral out of control. Will Stacy risk everything she has worked so hard to achieve to help Zed win his freedom?

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Released: August 24, 2016
Length: Novella
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Paranormal