Taken by the Alien Warrior

Sometimes love is found in the most unexpected places…

Carrie had just about everything she could want in life: a successful programming career, a cute little house of her own, great friends, and curvy good looks. The only thing missing was a hot guy to share it all with. Then one night, a strange noise and a bright light draws Carrie outside and she finds herself abducted by a powerful humanoid alien race. Carrie and others have been taken to become trophies for the winners of the Harvest Gladiatorial Tournament - in which the greatest warriors fight to the death. But just when all hope seems lost, a very handsome alien assigned to guard Carrie finds himself struggling to guard against his own desire for her. Is there any way he can possibly save Carrie from her fate, and take her all for himself?

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Released: August 9, 2016
Length: Novelette
Genre(s): Science Fiction