My Christmas Abduction

The holidays are a time of love, joy, and… being abducted by a HOT alien?

Katie loves her hometown of Smithfield, but she’s not sure her boyfriend Danny shares her sentiments. Then, one night as they trudge through the snow and enjoy the Christmas festivities, Danny has a surprise for her…

But just as Danny reassures his love for her, Katie is stolen from him by a wandering spaceship.

Her alien captor, Zera, is set to uncover the secrets of every race in the galaxy. Prodded, probed and investigated to a humiliating degree, Katie has become a science experiment.

But Zera is troubled by his latest captive. He was certain that human beings would not be a sentient race, yet Katie is clearly more intelligent than his government led him to believe… and to make matters worse, he finds himself falling for her.

As Katie battles an internal war against her heart and her lust, she comes closer than she realises to a discovery that could result in terrifying consequences.

Will Zera betray his government, and his people? Will Katie be reunited with Danny, and resolve her growing lust for her alien captor?

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Released: December 14, 2016
Length: Novelette
Genre(s): Science Fiction