Mountain Shifters

Can she save her relationship?

Brianne is convinced her boyfriend, Kyle, is cheating on her. But whenever she confronts him, he’s adamant he’s not, and she’s sick of being lied to. Where does he go at random hours of the morning, sometimes for the entire night, if not to the bed of another woman?

In a last ditch attempt to save their relationship, Kyle takes Brianne camping in the mountains.

As Brianne explores the majestic landscape one sleepless night, she meets Lance. And Lance is convinced he knows what Kyle is hiding. But why does Lance seem so appealing? There’s something about him that reminds Brianne of Kyle… something she can’t quite put her finger on… something almost wild and animalistic.

As Kyle’s dark secret is revealed, it’s apparent that Lance shares the same one. Can Brianne separate the two from destroying each other? Or will she end up bringing them closer together?

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Released: October 11, 2016
Length: Novelette
Genre(s): Paranormal