Lori and the Alpha Bear Murders

There’s been another murder, and Detective Lori Brooks is sent to investigate. Wish as hard as she might, there’s no escaping that this one is similar to the last… a serial killer is on the loose in her city.

But something about it all seems off, and Lori’s convinced the reappearance of an old boyfriend is more than just a coincidence. Doing her best to stay professional, Lori’s determined to put her feelings to one side for once, keen to impress her father, the Police Chief.

Zane is dying to re-kindle his teenage romance with Lori. In fact, he’s never wanted anything more since he got himself clean and sober. But Zane has a secret, one he’s never told anyone; not even Lori all those years ago. Will he risk revealing it to her? Or will he let it consume him and send him down forever…

With a serial killer prowling through her city, Lori is closer than she realises to discovering who it is… Will her keen detective instincts answer all her burning questions? Or will it leave her with more truths than she hoped she’d find?

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Released: November 1, 2016
Length: Novella
Genre(s): Paranormal