Axar My Alien Warrior

HOT alien looking for love!

Axar is not content to succumb to an arranged marriage back on his home planet, he’s set out for the bright lights of the universe to find the perfect girl.

Whitney is growing accustomed to city life, although nothing has quite worked out the way she’s planned. To top it all off, she’s having the worst day on record, but the handsome stranger who spills her coffee down her might just be the best thing that’s happened to her since she got there.

But there’s something different about him, something she’s not seen before in a guy. Something that seems a little bit… alien.

As Whitney and Axar get to know each other, Whitney harbors a secret.

But there’s only so long she can hide it from him… and Axar is no fool.

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Released: January 19, 2017
Length: Novelette
Genre(s): Science Fiction